Accident Profile

Driving the A77 can be a challenging proposition through the variety of road users encountered and the variation in the existing road layout. 

The presence of large and slow moving vehicles can and does increase the risk of crashes. 

In identifying this, a series of engineering improvements have been agreed which when completed should significantly reduce the risk involved. 
However, it is important that those who currently use the route understand that their driving behaviour can determine their level of risk.

The most recent statistics displayed on this page highlight the different types of driver behaviour which have been the main factors in crashes.

What has also been evidenced is that an underlying problem with excessive or inappropriate speed is a main contributory factor in a number of the high risk areas. 
The other data displayed on this page is a profile of the age and sex of drivers involved in crashes.

It highlights that those in the 31 → 40 group are most at risk which given the information available is consistent with the type of driver who most uses the A77. 

A higher proportion of males are involved in crashes which is in keeping with the national trend.

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