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The A77 Safety  Group is a partnership dedicated to reducing fatalities and accidents on this busy trunk road.  We aim to achieve this by educating drivers as well as investing in road improvements. 

The Group was officially launched in June 2004 and we continue to appeal to A77 road users to support our wide-ranging initiatives by playing their part in driving safely.

The Group brings together representatives from Transport Scotland, Amey, Strathclyde Police, South Ayrshire Council, Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership and West Sound. 


The A77 forms a vital transport corridor linking the central belt of Scotland with Ayrshire and the west coast ports of Stranraer and Cairnryan. The route carries a broad mix of road users comprising local drivers, commuters, freight transport and tourist traffic.

The route forms part of the Scottish Trunk Roads network with ownership and management being the responsibility of Transport Scotland, an agency of the Scottish Executive.  Day to day management and maintenance of the route has been contracted to Amey. The route itself consists of  dual and single carriageway and has over the years gained the unenviable reputation as one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland.

Over a ten year period 30 people have lost their lives in 24 crashes on the stretch between Fenwick and Stranraer. In addition, 243 people were seriously injured and 830 received slight injuries.


Transport Scotland is the national transport agency responsible for trunk roads, rail and national concessionary travel. It recognises the valuable role that trunk roads play in connecting communities and is committed to investing in them to ensure we have key transport links for the future.  Transport Scotland is an Executive agency directly accountable to Scottish Ministers and came into effect on 1 January 2006. 

Leadership and financial support for the Group is provided by Transport Scotland, working with the members and other key stakeholders to achieve the overall mission statement.  In particular, significant investment is provided for several major road improvement projects located south of Ayr.

Strathclyde PoliceWith approximately 7,300 police officers and 2,200 support staff, Strathclyde Police is Scotland's largest police force, and one of the biggest in the UK. 
The Force's continued commitment to road safety and enforcement on the A77 has been instrumental in the Safety Group's success.

The Council's main role is to represent, protect and promote the interests of the people of South South Ayrshire CouncilAyrshire. Their main aim is to deliver high quality services which meet the needs of their communities, and to work in partnership with others to improve the quality of life of those who live and work in South Ayrshire.

The Council is firmly committed to educating drivers, particularly young people, on road safety issues.  South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership annually present an innovative video - 'Reckless Driving Wrecks Lives' - to fifth and sixth year pupils at schools in their area.
Amey is a leading provider of infrastructure service solutions in the UK, providing their clients with an end to end service encompassing the design, installation, management and maintenance of an asset.  
Amey provides innovative engineering expertise to the Group through their role in the management and maintenance of the A77 trunk road.  Potential road improvements and accident remediation measures are fed back to the Group, assisting in improving road safety on the route to achieve Government road casualty reduction targets by 2010.

The Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership was set up as a road casualty reduction initiative under the rules and guidelines of the Scottish Safety Camera Programme.

It is responsible for operating safety cameras (speed and red light) within its geographic area of operations.  Membership of the Partnership consists of the 12 unitary authorities in the former Strathclyde region, Strathclyde Police and Transport Scotland (formerly the Scottish Executive Trunk Roads Network Division).
The Partnership was invited to join the A77 Safety Group to make an input into the overall road safety strategy for the road.  It currently operates the SPECS average speed safety camera system on the A77 between Bogend Toll and Ardwell Bay.

Westsound, West FM and South West Sound broadcast to the whole of South West Scotland.  All three stations are committed to providing a first class service to their communities and provide all their listeners with news, entertainment, music, traffic information and much more.  
The stations also provided a voice for the road safety concerns of their listeners and, in 2004, West Sound won the NTL Commercial Radio 'Social Action Initiative' Award for their outstanding work on the subject of road safety and the A77.  In the same year, they were presented with a "Good Citizen Award" from East Ayrshire Council for their promotion of the A77 upgrade.
The A77 was at the heart of the West Sound's 'Guardian Angel' road safety campaign that was a finalist in the radio Oscars - the Sony Awards.

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue cover both the M77 and A77 from the junction with the M8 to the border with Dumfries and Galloway with 10 Fire Stations which cover this stretch of road all equipped with the latest issue "Rescue Pump" which carries a variety of rescue equipment these appliances are on occasions supported by the Heavy Rescue Vehicle from Easterhouse Fire Station.

The Board and Chief Officer of Strathclyde Fire and Rescue fully support through partnership working the initiative's which are being developed to improve safety on this major route through the South West of Scotland.

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