Your Questions

Below you will find some of the most popular questions that are put to the A77 Safety Group alongside the answers.  If you have a question for the group  please contact us and we will respond in due course.  Please remember that the group cannot discuss individual legal proceedings as this is a matter entirely for the Police.

1. Who is the A77 Safety Group and what do they do?
The A77 Safety Group is a partnership with representatives from Transport Scotland, Strathclyde Police, West Sound Radio, Amey, South Ayrshire Council and the Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership.  The group works together to reduce the number of accidents and improve safety for all users of the A77.

2.  Has the group been successful?
The group has made a lot of positive steps towards driver education and increasing the profile of road safety on the A77. One of our main aims is to change driver behaviour and we are making a lot of progress in that area.  One example of success is the SPECS system. Since installation of these cameras, there has been a reduction in casualty statistics and average speeds.  You can find out more about this in our news section

3. What is SPECS and why has it been installed on the A77?
SPECS is an automatic, digital camera system measuring the average speed of vehicles between various points over a route.  The system is a deterrent first and is aimed at reducing excessive speed on the A77.  Figures have shown that, across the route, vehicle speeds significantly reduced immediately after the system was installed.  Average speeds typically reduced by 5-6mph and the number of drivers exceeding the speed limit reduced by 80% or more in some areas.
Click here to find out more about SPECS.

4. Who is the A77 Safety Group funded by?
Funding for Group initiatives is provided by Transport Scotland. 

The A77 Safety Group also looks for sponsorship support for a number of its events and media activities.  If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities please contact the press office

5. How can I get involved?
You can get involved by simply following our guidance for safe driving on the A77 - our success relies on your participation.  Send us your comments/suggestions -contact us or watch this site for news/events where you can learn more about the group or get involved in demonstrations, discussions and presentations.  The A77 Safety Group also welcome support from other groups - to discuss joint working on initiatives or to share links/downloads on our respective websites please get in touch

6. How can I keep safe on the A77?
Our priority is the safety of all A77 road users.   The A77 is a very diverse road - lots of different types of people use the road, from commuters to farm traffic, horse riders to cyclists.   The road is a challenging route with changes from dual to single carriageway and varying speed limits.

  • Observe the Highway code
  • Adopt an appropriate speed
  • Ensure you vehicle is road worthy
  • Don't drink and drive or drive under the influence of drugs
  • Be aware of other road users

    For more information about safety on the A77 please visit our Driver Education section.  You can find safety tips for non-motorists here

    7. Why are there roadworks in my area - this causes disruption?
    Over the past few years there has been significant investment in the A77 to improve safety and this has often resulted in roadworks.  The group appreciate roadwork causes disruption but safety measures are put in place to protect road users and road workers. 

    8. How will I know there are roadworks in my area?
    The A77 Safety Group aims to keep road users informed and works closely with our partners to ensure you have advance information about road works and diversions.

    This website features a roadworks diary on the homepage which is updated on a regular basis.  You can also find out more about roadworks from