All Year Round

Routine maintenance activities are carried out throughout the year by Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland, to keep the route in top condition and traffic on the A77 moving. 

The rolling programme of activities includes maintenance of; the carriageway, lighting, signage, drainage and barriers. 

Amey personnel patrol the network regularly ensuring that signs aren't obscured, are free from graffiti and that lighting is in working order, drains are flowing clearly and that the carriageway is in optimum condition.   And the survey team regularly assess the conditions of the road, identifying areas for improvement.


Trunk Road Incident Support Service (TRISS)

TRISS vehicles are always at the ready to attend incidents and provide support to the emergency services. 

The team patrol the network on a regular basis  and their remit varies from monitoring the condition of the A77 to removing debris from the road.  

click here to find out more from Michael Cooper who works in the TRISS unit covering the A77.