Summer is a busy time on the A77.  Amey, who manage and maintain the A77 on behalf of Transport Scotland, has a dedicated Environmental Management and Landscape Design responsible for many of the activities on the route throughout the year and particularly from Spring until Autumn. 
They deliver many services including grass cutting, litter picking, bulb planting and weed killing to name just a few.
The team also maintain many of the trees that line the A77, undertaking tree surgery to ensure that the branches do not obstruct visibility.
They also record badger, deer, otter and red squirrel deaths.  The records are very helpful - mammal deaths can be used to identify the existence of species in certain areas.  On the coastal section of the A77 otter mortality records indicate that there is a strong otter population .

Play Your Part - Summer
  • Try not to fill your petrol tank to the brim, liquid expands in heat and can cause petrol to leak
  • Be patient.  Traffic levels increase on the A77 during the summer.  There are people travelling to and from Prestwick Airport and the ferry terminal at Stranraer, there are caravans on the road and lots of tourists traffic
  •  Do not leave young children or pets in the car alone on a warm day
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