Road Projects

Significant resources have been committed by Transport Scotland to help achieve the aims of the Group, including £20 million for engineering improvements at six separate locations on the A77 south of Ayr.  More information about each project is available below.

Dowhill to Burnside / Chapeldonan
Investment: £4m

Situated north of Girvan, this stretch of the A77 has claimed several lives, including a quadruple fatality in 2003.  For safety this scheme will include the widening and realignment of the road.

Further work in this area was completed at Kilphin Bends, near Smyrton, south of Ballantrae.  A high-friction road surface was laid and additional road signing erected.

At Burnside, North of Girvan, improvements will be made to the vertical and horizontal alignment of the A77, improving visibility, and access to properties.

Ardwell to Slockenray
Investment: £3.9m
Approximately three miles south of Girvan, where the A77 winds along the cliff edge, there has been a cluster of accidents.  Investigations carried out by Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland have shown that improvements to the layout of the road, and increased overtaking opportunities, would improve safety levels.

The project will include the construction of a dedicated northbound overtaking lane.  A major rock-cut at Kennedy's Pass will also be required to allow for the road to be straightened.  Vehicles travelling northbound will benefit from a double-width, 830m stretch of road, providing an increased opportunity to overtake.

Park End to Bennane
Investment: £3.2m
Motorists travelling regularly on this stretch of the A77 will be well aware of the frustration caused by slow moving ferry and local agricultural traffic.  These vehicles are restricted to the speed that they can and should travel at. 

In order to combat frustration, a dedicated northbound and southbound overtaking lane will be created starting north of Ballantrae and running south to Red Burn House at Bennane Bridge.

Glen App
Investment: £2.5m completed December '08

Rather than a dedicated overtaking lane like the one planned for Park End to Bennane, widening of the carriageway at Glen App will improve forward visibility for motorists. 

This hilly section of the A77, south of Ballantrae, will undergo significant improvements to align the road layout, both vertically and horizontally. 

Investment: £4.5m completed December '08
Plans are in place to widen the carriageway, providing two lanes northbound, and one lane southbound, with an overtaking length of 1.2km.

HGVs travelling north, having left the ferry at Cairnryan or Stranraer, move very slowly up the steep rise.  Other vehicles currently have little or no opportunity to get past them, and motorists can become frustrated.  A similar lane was created at Turnberry, with great success, and the concept will be re-created at Haggstone.

Drummuckloch to Innermessan
Investment: £3.3m completed December '08
This stretch of the A77 lies between the south of Cairnryan and just north of Innermessan.  The project will see the existing road upgraded to create a southbound overtaking 'lane'.

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